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Thank you Walter and Bobby for helping Fred and I with our aches and pains
"I can't wait to get back to FL and to get another great massage. Fred is already feeling the benefits of the work out with you. We are grateful to Dr. Watren for recommending your services." – Vincent

After just a few weeks, I could walk without pain, and was soon back on the beach.
"For several months I had very painful plantar fascitis. It was so bad that sometimes I could barely walk. I could not walk on the beach, which made me extremely depressed. I had gained weight and had high blood pressure. I tried the podiatrist more than once, which was only helpful for about 2 days each time. After meeting Walter and Bobby at an open house, I decided to try their therapy. Now I am back to dancing, walking up to four miles and my blood pressure is back to normal. Without Walter and Bobby I would not have been able to walk down the sandy aisle at my wedding". – Meredith

Google Reviews:

The term "maestro" fits Bobby in every way
"A man devoted to the well being of his clients who applies a variety of professional knowledge and deeply intuitive skills. Very good natured and meticulously clean and appropriate. Bobby has provided care to me for a number of years(14) and I could not recommend him more highly."

A very professional outfit
"They even invited me and my wife to the weekly "Walk in the Park"! A Big Yes is my Rating and I will be there for the Saturday walk as well!"

Over the course of three years Bobby has been a lifesaver
"When I am in South Florida and have taken some mis-step at the gym or turned the wrong way in a yoga class, Bobby has been there. He knows the workings of the human body and the inner-related workings of the muscles and connective tissue. This knowledge has always allowed him to make me feel 100% better when I walk out the door. The ingredients of a good masseur to me are Respect, Knowledge, Dedication and the ability to make one feel at Ease. Bobby does all of those."

My next door neighbor told me about this place
"I went swimming Tuesday and Wednesday I woke up pretty sore (back and shoulders). I called, they made time for me and I got the "Deep Tissue Massage" and was even taught some neat therapeutic exercises to do at home. I recommend this place for several reasons: like the personable and highly skilled staff. Gotta go! . . . time for another swim, LOL."

An excellent massage therapist who has been working on myself and friends for many years
"Bobby is passionate about massage therapy and living a healthy lifestyle. This is evident as a client and his professionalism is notable within the industry. I haven't been to the new facility yet but, since it is the culmination of over a decade in this industry and a professional partnership with an exercise therapist, I am sure it is a testament to their skills and concern for their clients overall health and satisfaction as customers."

LOVE RLE Massage Therapy
"I live in Lake Worth so it's out of my way, but worth the drive! Bobby is fantastic with his knowledge of massage therapy. He has various techniques – and combine that with aromatherapy and general health and wellness and I always get a great massage. But the real difference is that they don't ONLY do massage. Working with Walter with exercise therapy to get exercises I can do at home to correct the problems helps work on me as a whole person. RLE Massage Therapy is amazing. AND they accept insurance, which is awesome!"

They are priced very well and always provide a service beyond ones greatest expectations
"RLE Massage has some of the best physical therapists I have encounted in 60 years of using massages to relax or to eliminate pains and aches. Their knowledge of anatomy and the ability to manipulate muscles is extraordinary."

This was my very best massage ever, and it was truly a glorious experience!
"Robert is positive, professional, and is skilled at giving amazing massages! He gave me a swedish/neuro massage, and kneaded out every knot in my shoulders, back, and hip area."

Bobby and his staff are like a breath of fresh air
"They are incredibly professional and knowledgable about many different techniques in massage and the healing arts in a variety of modalities. Not only does Bobby know exactly what kind of massage to use, but Walter helps to give specific exercise therapies to use between massages. I just love them!"

Healing hands are hard to find, thank you so much
"Some people just know exactly where the trigger points are and just how hard to press, I call that Healing Hands!"

I had a great massage experience at RLE
"Everyone was so professional, the facility was so nice and clean. I am looking forward to my next appt. with Bobby . . ."

I recently moved here to Lake Park and needed to continue my massage therapy for my back pain
"Robert from RLE Massage Therapy is so SKILLED, he even showed me some ways to help my energy balance . . . Thumbs Up!"